Bruxism: Teeth Grinding

Do you often wake-up with a dull headache or a sore jaw? Do you sometimes find yourself clenching your teeth? You may not realise that you have a condition called 'bruxism', a habit of grinding or clenching the teeth.

The cost of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, not to mention the time associated with those rectifying procedures, is an investment worth safeguarding. If you have crowns, veneers or other types of prosthetic dental work, you may want to consider getting a mouthguard or night guard to protect that smile.

If you play sport, you should consider getting a mouthguard as imperative.

A mouthguard is a device you wear to prevent facial and head injuries while playing sports.

Mouthguards can do a lot more than just protect your teeth; they prevent injuries to your lips, cheeks, tongue, neck, brain and lower jaw.

A night guard is a device you wear while you sleep to prevent you from damaging your teeth by clenching or grinding. Worn and cracked teeth and damaged restorations are only some of the physical consequences of grinding, which dentists call bruxism. Related problems include sore jaws, headaches, neck aches and jaw problems.