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What is involved in Preventative Dentistry?

We start by assessing each individual tooth and your gums to ensure there are no causes for concern. Your oral health is critical to us so every little detail will be discussed with you. If dental work is required, this will be flagged and your treatment options discussed in detail.

We recommend regular dental check-ups, scale and cleans, and fluoride treatments to protect your teeth and maintain your oral health. Even with the best dental routines, it's likely that you will miss little areas that we can catch and clean before they become bigger problems down the road. Areas that you miss one day is usually an area you would miss frequently, and once tartar builds up, it cannot be removed by brushing alone. Your preventative dentistry appointments will usually comprise of some or all of the following:

  • Regular check-ups and cleans (i.e. clinical examination and preventive professional teeth cleanings

  • Oral cancer screenings

  • Digital radiography analysis: necessary advanced imaging such as dental x-rays to scrutinise a patient’s oral health in finer detail

  • Preventative procedures and applications as required (for example fluoride treatment or fissure sealants)

  • Provision of dietary advise

  • Orthodontic interceptive treatments

  • Supply or recommendation of at home medications

As mentioned above, your dentist may request that digital dental x-rays be taken of your teeth and gums during your dental check-up. For more extensive treatment planning, the dentist may obtain study models of your upper and lower teeth and/or digital photographs of your face and teeth.

From there, we'll educate you with effective methods of preventing dental problems, focusing on areas where you may need to pay extra attention during your daily routine. This is all aimed towards prevention and avoiding the need to "fix" any dental problems in the future.

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What is involved in Preventative Dentistry?

We start by conducting a comprehensive clinical examination, assessing each individual tooth and your gums, and the tissue around your mouth to ensure there are no causes for concern. This is conducted by our highly experienced dentist, Dr Karu. Routine dental check-ups allow your dentist to monitor for signs and symptoms of issues such as advanced gum disease, untreated cavities or broken fillings. Because early symptoms of disease can quickly progress into more serious problems, we will immediately flag any issues identified and treatment options will be discussed with you in detail. Because your oral health is paramount, our attention to detail is important. It minimises your overall treatment needs, as does professional cleaning, in correcting problems before they become invasive.

As part of your dental check-up appointment, a routine scale and clean is completed, and fluoride treatments are used to protect your teeth and to maintain your oral health. A professionally applied fluoride application will assist in reduction of dental decay and decrease the sensitivity of your teeth. After your cleaning session and fluoride application, the dentist will instruct you to refrain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes.

From there, we will educate you with effective methods of preventing dental problems, focusing on areas where you may need to pay extra attention during your daily routine. This is all aimed towards prevention and avoiding the need to "fix" any dental problems in the future. Adults can benefit greatly from a refresher course in oral care and health. 

Preventative dental services are suitable for patients of all ages. No one is too old nor too young to undertake preventive dentistry. Dental health is a lifelong commitment, and we are passionate about helping you achieve lifelong dental health.

All procedures at Optimum Dental are carried out using state-of-the-art equipment in our modern, friendly practice. Sterilisation and infection control practices at Optimum Dental are subject to the highest quality standards for the health and safety of our patients and staff.

Dentistry Misconceptions

I brush and floss twice a day. I don't need to see a dentist!

Brushing and flossing twice a day is a great way to maintain healthy teeth! However, day to day you are likely to miss certain areas where plaque and tartar may build up. As we typically brush the same way every day, any areas we miss one day is an area we'll likely miss long term. Combine that with hard to reach areas like your back molars and areas that are hard to see by yourself like the back side of your teeth, you may be unaware of areas of concern until you need more major dental work completed. That is why we recommend frequent dental check-ups at our Epping Dental Clinic. At Optimum Dental, Dr Karu and the team will carefully inspect each and every individual tooth to make sure they are in tip top health and will address any concerns that are detected BEFORE they become a major issue!

You don't need to see a dentist unless you are experiencing discomfort or pain.

It is easy to adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to dental health. That is easy if you are pain-free or if there is nothing unsightly sparking obvious concern. In our experience, we find patients put off dental check-ups because they might be anxious, not in any pain or discomfort, are time poor or are worried about the costs of dental treatment. Avoiding a dental check-up could mean that you miss catching any potential problems before they get worse. When dental issues get worse, you may require emergency dentistry, more invasive treatment or expensive solutions. By helping you maintain your oral health regularly, we can help you avoid major dental issues down the track.

I experience some dental discomfort but I should be fine.

Discomfort is a great indicator that something is wrong. If you experience pain while eating, general gum discomfort and aches, it's time to see a dentist. While you may be able to ignore the pain, it can lead to more serious conditions. If addressed early, it may be as simple as a good cleaning and a filling placed to rectify the issue. For more advanced issues, you may require more complex procedures such as root planing, root canal therapy, extractions or more.

According to the World Health Organisation, increased evidence has revealed that oral diseases such as periodontitis (severe gum infection) can be a casual factor for systemic disease and can worsen general health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and even pregnancy problems. In other words, oral diseases can promote the progression of certain diseases. Thus, a regular comprehensive dental check-up is crucial in detecting problems at its early stage.

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Optimum Dental is conveniently located in the heart of Epping. We're a quick 2 minute walk from the train station with plenty street parking around us. Our friendly team would love to help you with all your dental needs. Let us help you with your preventative dentistry needs, assess your oral health and help you with any dental concerns you might have!

Come see us today or schedule an appointment by calling us or using our online bookings system below.

What is Preventative Dentistry?

"Prevention is better than the cure" is something that rings especially true when it comes to dentistry! Preventative dentistry is not only vital for your oral health but also for your general health and wellbeing. Necessary steps should be taken to prevent the occurrence of major dental problems such as disease and infection. At Optimum Dental, we're all about helping you prevent dental issues that are likely to cause you discomfort, pain, disfigurement and potentially expensive dental bills. This is a much healthier approach than being reactive, and much better on the hip pocket!

By helping you maintain your oral health regularly, we can help you avoid major dental issues down the track.

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