What is involved in a teeth cleaning?

There are a few options when it comes to dental cleaning. Your dentist will assess your teeth and overall oral health and be able to advise you on which option is most suitable to your circumstances. These include:

  • Regular Check-Up and Clean: If you have healthy teeth, healthy gums and no severe issues, our dentist will opt for a regular check-up and clean. A regular check-up and clean is intended to remove plaque build-up, tartar and any bacteria that may have accumulated on your teeth.

  • Scale and Clean: A scale and clean is essentially a deep clean for your teeth and typically needed for those who may have more severe symptoms such as gum disease (periodontitis). Using specialised dental instruments, we clean the space between the gums and teeth (under your gumline) where build-up has accumulated. In certain circumstances, Root Planing may be needed, however, our dentist will let you know if this may be the case.

We recommend regular dental check-ups, cleans, and fluoride treatments to protect your teeth and maintain your oral health. Regular catch and clean before they become bigger problems down the road. Areas that you miss one day is usually an area you would miss frequently, and once tartar builds up, it cannot be removed by brushing alone.

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Why do I need a dentist to clean my teeth?

Even when you brush and floss twice a day, it's likely that you routinely miss little areas that are hard to reach or see. Over time, plaque builds up in these areas and harden to become tartar. This can then lead to painful cavities, gum disease and other problems that may be painful and costly to resolve.​

When you see your dentist, they will be able to inspect each individual tooth carefully and identify any build-up (especially in areas that are hard to reach) and using specialised tools, we can remove the build-up that brushing alone cannot remove.

Does it hurt to get my teeth cleaned by a dentist?

The short answer is no! Teeth cleaning is typically pain-free and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. You may experience some minor discomfort if your gums are inflamed or you have severe build-up that needs a deeper clean. A good indicator is whether you experience any discomfort when you brush your teeth at home.

Should you need a deep clean, a local anesthetic may be used to ensure that you remain comfortable and pain-free for the duration of the procedure. 

During your clean, Dr Karu will be carefully inspecting each of your teeth and identify any areas that may be extra sensitive. He will discuss this with you and may suggest a local anesthetic depending on your situation. 

Once the clean is done, Dr Karu will advise you on the areas you may need to pay extra attention to during your normal brushing routine. These would have been the areas with the most build-up during the clean. If there are any other causes for concern, this will be discussed with you and a treatment plan created to help you resolve them.

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