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How white can I make my teeth?

This is a very common question! How white you can whiten your teeth is dependant on many factors, from the application to the colour of your natural, unstained teeth.

For example, if you have been blessed with very white teeth and are a heavy drinker of coffee and tea, you may have a fair bit of staining, causing your teeth to become yellow or dull. You are likely to achieve a much more dramatic result than someone who has more naturally yellow teeth and has minimal staining.

Additionally, the method of treatment also affects the end result. If you opt for in-chair teeth whitening, we can safely use a stronger whitening agent that will give better results faster. Take-home kits with custom trays will achieve comparable results, however, you'll need to treat regularly for 2-3 weeks. Because over the counter treatments do not come with custom trays, much weaker whitening agents will be used and your results will be significantly reduced.


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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth can discolour over time. Even if you have good dental hygiene, teeth have microscopic pores that absorb the colours from the things you consume. Drinking tea, coffee and wine, as well as smoking are some of the common culprits. 


Teeth Whitening is a safe procedure that can improve the appearance of your teeth by lightening their colour. While off-the-shelve whitening kits are available, they are less effective and come with their own additional risks. The most effective and safest option is to have it completed by your dentist. Alternatively, you can have custom trays made specifically for you with a take-home whitening kit, allowing you to complete your whitening treatment safely from home.

What if my teeth are just naturally yellow?

It can be hard to know what your natural teeth shade may be. Your teeth stain very slowly and over a long period of time, so it can be hard to recognise.

Typically, your teeth will be 2-8 shades whiter after teeth whitening treatment. If you come to see us, we'll be able to help you make an assessment of your teeth and let you know what you may be able to expect. 2-3 shades whiter can make a huge impact on how your teeth look and how you feel when you look in the mirror.

If you want even whiter teeth, your dentist may recommend dental veneers. Dental veneers are a great way to cosmetically enhance your smile and can help you straighten or reshape your teeth at the same time!

Would you like whiter teeth?

Optimum Dental is conveniently located in the heart of Epping. Our friendly team is highly experienced and can help you with your teeth whitening treatment.

Come see us today or schedule an appointment by calling us or using our online bookings system below.

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